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Spotify could rain on Apple’s cloud

I fell in love with Spotify almost the moment I started using it and now that I have a couple of days experience with it, I’m starting to wonder if Apple’s iCloud might be too little too late.

For all practical purposes, Spotify gives you an unlimited library with access to almost any song you can imagine.  Since I’ve been playing with it, I’ve re-visited some old favorite artists I haven’t listened to for years and — thanks to public playlists from my Facebook friends – I’ve discovered some very cool artists I had never heard of before.

The PC, Mac and Android software is about as intuitive as any I’ve used. If you’re familiar with iTunes, your learning curve for Spotify is pretty close to zero.

In addition to providing you with instant access to any song in its library, it also finds and indexes the songs on your device so the music you have purchased, ripped or stolen is also avaiable — even if you’re not online.


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