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Interview with Tony Perkins

August 9, 2007

Tony Perkins is the head honcho of AlwaysOn which, among other things, runs an annual conference for high-tech companies, venture capitalists and other tech insiders. Larry Magid caught up with him between sessions as the annual AlwaysOn Stanford Summit was getting [...]

T-Mobile WiFi phone

August 9, 2007

Is it a cell phone or a VOIP phone? It’s both. T-Mobile has a new phone that lets you talk via their regular mobile network or connect to a WiFi hotspot at home or on the go. Larry Magid takes it out for a [...]

Shiny new Apples plus some cool new Mac software

August 7, 2007

In the unusually intimate setting of a small auditorium at its Cupertino, Calif., headquarters, Apple Inc., on Tuesday unveiled a new line of iMacs as well as new versions of its iLife and iWork software. The event, attended by perhaps a couple hundred journalists and analysts, was far more low-key than Apple’s usual high-profile announcements, but CEO Steve Jobs was as enthusiastic as ever [...]

August 7, 2007

Dr. Irving Wladawsky-Berger just retired from a long and decorated IBM career of 37 years. He’s doing some cutting edge research on the future of virtual works. Also interviewing him is Robert Scoble of Scobleizer and [...]

Retrevo retrieves product information

August 7, 2007

Retrevo already helps you find product informtaion and user manuals but will soon add the ability to find credible product reviews. Larry Magid talks with CEO Vipin [...]

Fuel Cell keeps iPods and other devices runnig

August 7, 2007

Ever been on a plane and had your iPod battery die? What about your cell phone when you’re away from an electrical outlet? Medis Technologies has a solution. The 24-7 Power Pack is a fuel cell that you can use to recharge any small device. Eventually you’ll be able to use the technology to power a car or even your home. Medis Technologies VP Michelle Rush tells Larry Magid how it [...]

Magid: What’s next? Ads on the inside of our eyelids?

August 6, 2007

Far be it for me to complain about advertising. As a newspaper columnist and broadcaster, it’s what feeds my family. But I must still ask about whether or not advertising is becoming a bit too pervasive in our lives. Forget TV and the Internet for a moment. You can’t go anywhere without seeing ads. Bus stop benches have long displayed them, but now they’re on the sides of buses. [...]

On a Home Network, the Right Drive Means Storage for All – New York Times

August 1, 2007

  It does not take much effort these days to accumulate several hundred gigabytes of data. A few hundred songs, a couple of vacations worth of photos, a dozen movies and television programs and suddenly the 80 gigabyte hard drive in the notebook computer is straining. On a Home Network, the Right Drive Means Storage for All – New York [...]

Printer ink costs how much?

July 31, 2007

Gasoline is expensive but it’s nothing compared to the cost of printer ink. If you do the math, you’ll discover that the liquid ink inside those cartridges you buy for your ink jet printer can cost more than $13,000 a gallon. That’s not a typo. A Hewlett Packard 22 Tricolor Ink Cartridge holds only 5 milliliter of ink – one 757th of a gallon. Multiply that $17.99 price tag by [...]
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