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New York City wants to turn payphones into hotspots


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The Big Apple wants to convert at least some of its more than 7,000 payphones into Wi-Fi hotspots. In a request for proposal, New York City is asking companies to bid on “installation, operation, and maintenance of up to 10,000 public communication points to
replace and supplement current payphones.”

In addition to proving Internet access, these “communications points” could also provide:

  • Phone service and the ability to make free calls to 911 and 311.
  • Proposals are encouraged to outline a variety of service
  • offerings including, but not limited to:
  • Free limited-duration local calls
  • Text messaging capabilities
  • Cell phone charging stations
  • Touch screens that provide information or facilitate business transactions
  • Independent power sources, such as solar energy
  • Environmental sensors

The city expects to collect at least $17.5 million a year as a result of this program.

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