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Likes App Tells You What Your Friends “Like”

Likes lets you see what restaurants, bars and musicians your friends "like" on Facebook

Based on the theory that you’re likely to like what your friends like, Willow Tree Apps has created Likes. It’s an iPhone and Android app that scans your Facebook friends’ “likes” of restaurants and bars as well as movies, TV shows and other things we spend time and money on and shows what your friends like. If it’s an establishment, it lists the ones nearest to you first, making it an excellent way to find a nearby eatery or drinking spot.

You can decide whether to just look at what your friends like to to look at an extended network that also includes friends of friends.  The free app is available for iPhone and Android.

I tried it in the San Francisco bay area and found that my friends have pretty good taste. The restaurants most popular with my friends are among my favorites as well.

The app requires you to log-in through Facebook and works best if you have more than just a few friends.

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