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Google Helps You Find Your Parked Car

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Having trouble remembering where you parked your car?  There’s an app for that. But, sorry iPhone users, it’s just for Android.

Google has updated its Google Now app that’s part of recent versions of Android so it remembers approximately where you park your car and the app will show you where on a card that can pop-up when you’re searching for that missing vehicle of yours.


The data is only available to the phone’s user, but if someone, like a spouse or a roommate,  gets their hands on your phone or has access to your Google account, they can see where you’ve parked.


Not perfect

Smartphone location sensing isn’t perfect and it’s not precise. This is an approximate location, not necessarily the exact spot on the street or in a parking lot. It’s not likely to work in an enclosed garage.

To turn off parking location cards:

  1. Touch the  Menu icon on the card when a parking card shows up in Google now.
  2. Touch No when you’re asked if you want to keep receiving reminders about your parking location.