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Google and Facebook continue to dominate digital ad sales


ou can read the full report from eMarketer, but here’s a summary of the numbers:

  • US digital ad spending will reach $83.00 billion in 2017
    •  an increase of 15.9%, according to eMarketer’s latest forecast
  • Google accounts for 40.7% of US digital ad revenues in 2017
    • more than double Facebook’s share.
  • Facebook’s share will be about 20%, according to Reuters
  • Google dominates search revenue while Facebook dominates display ads
    • Google’s share of the search market will grow 16.1% to $28.55 billion in 2017
    • Facebook’s US display business will jump 32.1% to $16.33 billion
      • 39.1% of the US display market, taking share away from Google, Yahoo, and Twitter.
  • Instagram will make up 20% of Facebook’s US mobile revenue this year, up from 15% last year.
  • Snapchat’s ad revenue will grow 157.8% to $770 million in the US, slightly below expectations

Source: eMarketer

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