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At Tax Time, Tax Man Isn’t The Only Worry

March 2, 2007

It’s income tax season once again – which means millions of people will be using tax software like TurboTax or TaxCut and taking advantage of the numerous online filing sites like or In fact, our friends at the IRS are encouraging us to use PCs to prepare our taxes and again this year are offering the “freefile” program (click on [...]

Social Networking Without The Big Boys, Ning Allows Users To Build Their Own Communities, Outside MySpace And Facebook – CBS News

March 1, 2007

Here’s a link to an AP story on My column on Ning will be in the San Jose Mercury News (and here) on Monday. In the mean time, here’s a link to my CBS News audio interview with Gina Bianchini, co-founder of Ning. After months of fine-tuning, Ning is finally ready to make its big push with a free toolkit designed to make it easy to launch a social network with a few mouse [...]

High-def DVD player is good but overpriced

February 26, 2007

I just tested a product that I love, but there’s no way that I’d recommend it unless you have more money than you know what to do with.The product is the Panasonic DMP-BD10 — a very nice Blu-ray high-definition DVD player. The picture quality is incredible, especially if you’re watching DVDs encoded for Blu-ray on a 1080p high-definition TV, but even standard DVDs look a [...]

Social Networking Goes Mobile

February 24, 2007

As this BBC story explains, social networking is going mobile.  This has interesting implications when you consider that people have their cell phones with them at all times.  Expect less text and more graphics, video and audio as people find ways to update their profiles from bars, amassment parks or wherever they happen to be. There are some interesting safety implications, of [...]

Google to sell online software suite

February 22, 2007

This is a long way from being major competition for Microsoft, but it certainly is an example of how the web can change everything. The days of “big software” probably are limited though it will be awhile before people are weaned off Microsoft Office. Link to Google to sell online software suite – Yahoo! [...]

Web sites focus on Internet safety

February 19, 2007 advises parents by Larry Magid Special to the Mercury News Most of the time I write about gadgets or fun Web sites, but today’s column is about a more serious topic: Keeping your kids safe on the Internet. While I think that some of the “online predator” dangers have been overstated, there are nevertheless risks that every parent should consider before they let [...]

More Efforts At Keeping Kids Safe Online

February 17, 2007

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) is launching a new Web site to answer parents’ questions about Internet safety and computers. The free service features an interactive knowledge-base where parents can use natural language search to find information. If that’s not enough, there’s an “ask the experts” button that lets parents type in a [...]

NetFamilyNews Covers Families and Technology

February 16, 2007

My good friend Anne Collier, my co-author of MySpace Unraveled and my co-director of publishes a very nice newsletter about family tech news. Here’s the TOC of her latest issue. Teen child-porn convictions upheld Court dismissed suit against MySpace Two new online-safety projects Proposed IL law: Ban social sites Teacher’s controversial porn conviction Teen dating [...]

Internet safety group broadens mission

February 13, 2007

I’m in Washington DC today helping to launch the Family Online Safety Institute. For details, see this AP story By DIBYA SARKAR AP BUSINESS WRITER WASHINGTON — The explosion of social networking sites such as and Second Life, along with free video sharing sites like, is making it increasingly difficult to protect children surfing the Internet, says Stephen [...]

Create video at free, easy-to-use site

February 12, 2007

by Larry Magid Special to the Mercury News With the explosion of services like YouTube, video is all the rage. But few of us are ambitious or outgoing enough to create and post our own on the Web. Let’s face it, creating and editing video is hard, especially if you want it to look even remotely professional. Of course, YouTube has taught us that video doesn’t have to be professional [...]
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