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Digg Reverses Course After Online Uproar

May 3, 2007

Digg Reverses Course After Online Uproar May 3, 2007 The Web site Digg — where people get to submit links to articles and blog items that they think others should pay attention to — has been involved in a hailstorm of controversy this week over its initial adherence and eventual rejection of a legal notice from a movie industry anti-piracy group. At issue is a 16-digit hexadecimal code that [...]

You can be tracked through your cell phone

May 1, 2007

by Larry Magid Imagine a world where you can be tracked anywhere you go. A decade ago that would have seemed like a paranoid delusion, but thanks to GPS-enabled cell phones and other technologies, it’s more or less the way things now are. Many of today’s cell phones are equipped with global positioning systems that are capable of pinpointing your exact position. Soon, thanks to [...]

Larry’s New York Times Column: Moving Day for That Vista Machine – New York Times

April 19, 2007

  BUYING a new computer is a lot like buying or renting a new home. First you have to pick it out and pay for it, and then you have to move your stuff. And as if PC moving day weren’t hard enough, most people now faced with this task have to migrate from an older version of Windows to the new Windows Vista, which typically stores user files in different folders from previous versions. [...]

In a crisis text messages get the word out fast

April 18, 2007

Officials at Virginia Tech used email to notify students and community members that a shooter was on campus, but in addition to the fact that the first message was sent more than two hours after the first attack, email messages likely wouldn’t reach many of the intended recipients for hours. That’s because, unlike Blackberry touting business executives and politicians, most students [...]

Worried about Vonage? Try SunRocket

April 17, 2007

by Larry Magid I’m not one to jump ship at the first sign of trouble but, like a lot of other Vonage customers, I’m considering my options in case the popular Internet phone company is required to curtail operations. I’m not saying it will happen, but because of a patent infringement suit, it is a possibility. A court has found that Vonage infringed on patents from Verizon [...]

Loopt: Use your cell phone to locate friends

April 16, 2007

by Larry Magid You’ve heard about social networks like MySpace and Facebook where people use PCs to set up profiles and check in with their friends. You may also be aware that you can now access these networks from a mobile phone so you can update your own profile and visit others from wherever you are. But now there’s a new twist – phone-based social networking with built in [...]

My thoughts on the Don Imus incident

April 10, 2007

by Larry Magid Don Imus’ reference to Rutgers University women’s basketball players as “nappy headed hos” is not only a form of racial and sexual stereotyping, but an example of how far our society has come in permitting this type of innuendo. At the same time, the strong reaction to these remarks gives me hope that perhaps we may be at a turning point as a society by no [...]

Dish Network PVR Makes the Grade

April 10, 2007

 by Larry Magid I’ve always been a big fan of TiVo and I still am. What’s not to like about a device that lets you record your favorite TV shows and pause and rewind live TV? Of course, TiVo has plenty of competition now that practically every cable and satellite company has its own personal video recorder (PVR). A few years ago I tried out a Dish Network PVR and found it [...]

Bargain LCD does fine job with hi-def TV & DVDs

April 9, 2007

Before I describe the bargain high-definition television I’ve been watching lately, a quick lesson in resolution and why you should or shouldn’t care. Three high-def signals are currently available: 720p, 1080p and 1080i. The 720p has 720 lines vertical by 1280 pixels horizontal. The “p” stands for progressive, which means that 720 lines are shown at the same time. So [...]

Jot it down by cellphone

April 2, 2007

I get some of my best ideas when I’m out bicycle riding, but I worry that I’ll forget them by the time I get home. I rarely have pen and paper with me, so sometimes I call my home answering machine to leave a message about the idea. But now I can use my cell phone to “jott” it down by calling a toll-free number and dictating the message. When I get home, it will be in my [...]
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