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Security camera uses artificial intellgence to know if someone is an intruder

Flare security camera

Flare security camera

The Flare security camera from BuddyGuard, a German company that’s at the IFA trade show in Berlin, uses sound recognition and face recognition to distinguish between legitimate visitors and residents vs. intruders.

In an interview, CEO Wouter Verhoog said that the Flare is able to recognize sounds, such as someone picking a lock or breaking glass to determine it’s a likely intruder. It also uses facial recognition to get to know who has legitimate access to distinguish them from those that don’t.

The product, which will soon roll out to the U.S., is capable of notifying an alarm monitoring company if it suspects an intruder. It also keeps video for at least 30 days and users can pay $3 a month if they wish to keep it for a longer period.