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LucidCam will slash the cost of virtual reality cameras

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I don’t usually write about crowd-funding campaigns, but I was impressed by a demo I saw of the LucidCam Virtual Reality 3D camera that’s now available to pre-order at Indiegogo for $299.

I had a visit from company founder and CEO Han Jin who showed demonstrated how easy it is to take and render a video using a prototype of what will be the LucidCam when it goes into production early next year.

The camera operates at 180 degrees rather than the fully immersive 360 degree experience you get with videos taken with other VR cameras. And while that may seem off-putting, it’s arguably a better experience because it doesn’t require the viewer to move around in circles to enjoy the content. There is plenty to look at within your peripheral vision and you can still look up and down and side to side.

Here’s my podcast interview with CEO Han Jin