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iPhone 5 in a Nutshell

Apple’s home page promoting the iPhone 5

It’s official. Apple finally took the wraps off of the iPhone 5 and it’s exactly what the rumors predicted.  In a nutshell the iPhone 5 is:

Has a larger 4 inch (diagonal) screen, compared to the 3.5 inch screen on the 4s

Taller, thinner and lighter

It’s now taller and thinner and is 20% lighter than its predecessor. The aspect ratio of the screen has been changed to 16 by 9, similar to high definition TVs.

Support for high-speed 4G LTE data networks

The new phone now sup[orts the LTE networks from cellular carriers. Like other 4G phones it will also work on older networks.

Faster processor

The new iPhone will have a faster A5 chip which should translate into faster loading and running of apps.  Apple said that web pages will load 2.1 times faster but that also depends on network speed and other factors beyond Apple’s control.

Improved camera

Apple has made the camera faster and has improved its ability to handle low-light conditions.  The front facing camera now handles 720 high resolution video.

Battery life

Apple says that it has improved battery life but it’s unclear how much of the beefed up battery will simply handle the larger screen, faster processor and the demands of 4G data.

Improved audio

They added a third microphone and they’ve beefed up the speaker and added noise canceling technology. There is also a new “wide band audio” feature that will improve sound quality but only if it’s supported by the cellular carrier.

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