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Do you know your ‘Curious Quotient?’

screen322x572You’re heard of IQ but did you also know that you have a CQ? That’s your “Curious Quotient,” which, according to CEO Justin Kitch can be measured and expanded via the company’s new game of lifelong learning app for iOS.

The game starts out with the CQ Wheel where users respond to questions to determine their goals that can be tracked along key knowledge areas. And improving your curious question, said Kitch can pay dividends.  “There has been science and research in the last ten years that has shows that being curious makes you happier, healthier, live longer and be more successful.”

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You don’t create your CQ at Curious you simply measure it and we help you grow it. CQ can grow and expand every day of your life and it’s based only by your interests, your curiosity and your willingness to put in hard work. The company provides daily lesson which, says Kitch, “can feed parts of your curious brain.”

Curious CEO Justin Kitch

Curious CEO Justin Kitch

The app is available on iOS, Apple TV and Roku as well as on the web, which you can access on Android phones as well as from personal computers.

Curious has thousands of teachers that provide video lessons, complete with quizzes, feedback mechanisms and other learning tools.

There is a free version of the game along with a 30 day free trial and an annual fee starting at $49 a year for full ongoing access to their entire learning library.

Larry’s CBS News Radio interview with Justin Kitch