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What to expect from CES 2012

by Larry Magid

  1. Ultrabooks: Thanks to a strong push from Intel, several PC makers will show off “Ultrabooks” — thin and lightweight laptops reminiscent of Apple’s MacBook Air.  Expect these from Lenovo, HP, Acer, Dell and others
  2. Connected TVs — as in the past couple of years, there will be TVs with built-in Internet access to connect to Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and other net-based streaming services.
  3. Passive 3D — 3D has been a “trend” at the last two or three CES shows but this year most of the 3D TVs shown will use inexpensive passive glasses that are cheaper and lighter than the “active” glasses found on early 3D sets. We’ll also see several 3D sets that don’t require any glasses, though these will be smaller screens.
  4. Large OLED sets. LG and possibly Samsung will show off 55 inch OLED TVs. These will be thinner than other HD sets with blacker blacks and richer colors. Because OLED doesn’t require a backlight, they will also be more energy efficient. But they won’t be cheap. The starting price is estimated to be about $5,000.
  5. iStuff:  Apple won’t be at CES but there will be an iLounge where 300 exhibitors will show off apps, cases and accessories for iPhones and iPads.
  6. Connected Cars: Ford, Mercedes-Benz and other automakers will show off the latest in Internet-connected cars