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Vine Gives You 6 Seconds to Video the World

Hold your finger on the screen to shoot (Image from

Hold your finger on the screen to shoot (Image from

Vine is a new iPhone app from Twitter that allows you to take very short video clips that you can share on Twitter and Facebook.

The app (download here) is really easy to use. You press a camera icon at the top of the screen and then hold you finger on the screen while you shoot. You can remove your finger, re-aim the camera and press again to resume shooting.

I’ve played with it a few times and found it fun and, based on all of the short videos I’ve seen on Twitter, a lot of other folks do as well. But I’m not sure if this is a short-term fad or a keeper.

CNET’s Daniel Terdiman wrote about the app when it was first released and later blogged that he learned to love it.

Here’s one of my first Vines, shot as I was taking our dog Yuri for a walk. By default the audio is off but you can turn it on by clicking the speaker in the right corner (though not much to listen to on this shot).