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New unlimited data plans compared

Remember, quality of service is very important. Make sure you get good reception and fast data where you need to use your phone. All companies except T-Mobile add fees and taxes so your bill will be higher.

AT&T Unlimited Plus

First line: $90
Two lines $145
Extra lines: $20 each up to 8

Hotspot/Tethering: Up to 10 GB per line per month. Then throttled to 2G
Throttling after 22 G

AT&T Unlimited Choice

First line: $60
Two lines: $115
Extra lines $20 a month
3 MBS maximum speed

No tethering


First line $80
Two lines $140
Each additional line is $20

Tethering: 10 GB per line
Throttling possible after 22 GB (but they say it won’t happen often)


First line: $50
Two lines $90
You can get up to 5 lines for $90 under current promotion (new customers only)
Throttling: 23 GB
Tethering: 10 GB per month per line

T-Mobile (T-Mobile includes taxes and fees in quoted price)

One line: $70
Two or three lines $100 total
Tethering: 10 GB per line
Throttling: 28 GB per line

Sprint actually has a handy and mostly accurate chart comparing all the plans

This chart is from Sprint but it seems to be mostly accurate

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