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How to Turn Facebook Friends Into “Acquaintances”

Are you hearing a bit too much from some of your Facebook friends. You can turn them into “acquaintances” which means you’ll hear from them less frequently.

One way to do this is to visit their timeline (profile) and click the Friend button near the top of their page. Then change their status to Acquaintances.

Or you can use a bulk option to convert several friends to acquaintances at one time. To do this click on Friends in the left column of  your home page and then Acquaintances in the middle column. Then look to the right column for the names of people Facebook is suggesting that you might want to make into Acquaintances. This list is based on who you’re not communicating with regularly but look carefully. When I did this it included some close friends who I do want to hear from.

Your former “friend” and current “acquaintance” will not be notified and you will still be on their friends list, so no hard feelings.

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