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Steve Jobs Introduced iPad 2

San Francisco: Steve Jobs is on stage at the Apple event in San Francisco talking about Apples success in true form. He said that Apple just shipped its 100 millions iPhone. Said that everyone of our “post-PC products” has been a blockbuster.

Jobs said that there are now 65,000 apps specifically tailored f.”or the iPad. Says that competitors have, “at most 100 apps. Credits Apple stores for success.

iPad 2 is the official name

It’s 1/3 thinner and now is 1.3 pounds down from 1.5 pounds.Black and white versions, shipping white from day one. Models work with Verizon and AT&T 3G from day one.

Will start shipping on March 11th.

Jobs also announced a “smart cover’ that attaches to the device via magnets. It wakes up the iPad when you open it and it has a lining that clean the screen when you open and close it.

IOS 4.3

Apple also announced a new version of the operating system for iPads and IPhones. IOS 4.3 supports turning an iPhone 4 into a Wi-Fi hotspot. Also lets you stream media from computers to iPad and iPhone.

iPad will now have Facetime and Photo Booth.

iMovie and GarageBand for iPad

iMovie for the iPad makes enormous sense, making it practical to shoot, edit and upload video from the field.

GarageBand has smart instruments that respond to how you pound the virtual keys or strum the strings. The harder you press on a piano key, for example, the louder the note, just like a real piano.

iMovie and GarageBand will cost $4.99 each and be in the App Store on March 11th.

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