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Sony PlayStation 4 Hits the Streets

PS 4 and controller (Sony)

PS 4 and controller (Sony)

Sony’s PlayStation 4 (PS 4) goes on sale today (Friday) in the U.S. for $399.  It’s been seven years since Sony introduced its PS 3 and this is a significant upgrade. It’s smaller than its predecessor and now has two USB ports in front and a sleeker design.  There is an optical audio port, an HDMI port and, says CNET, has hardware that’s “on par with what you might get with a mid to high-end gaming PC.”

In addition to being a game machine, the PS 4 will also stream Netflix, HBO Go, Hulu and other video to your TV set. Like the XBox One, it’s also of a family entertainment system.

I haven’t had a chance to review one (I’m really not a game reviewer) but USA Today did a pretty good job explaining what’s good and not-so-impressive about the new game console. That USA Today article also has a good video overview that plays automatically when you visit the page.  As an aside, I didn’t embed the video because I hate it when media files play automatically and couldn’t figure out a way to prevent it from streaming when people visit my site.

CNET said that “serves up dazzling graphics, runs on a simplified and logical interface, and boasts a fantastic controller. It’s also $100 cheaper than rival Xbox One and has the upper hand on indie and day one digital-only offerings.”

I also recommend Matt Peckham’s review over at Time’s Techland site where he said the PS 4 “exudes refinement, a system that feels multipurpose-built and confidently purposeful.”


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Microsoft will release its latest XBox One on November 22nd and here’s a comparison from The Independent.

Here’s CNET’s video review