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Showoff — a magnetic mount that turns your phone into the ultimate selfie machine and a poor man’s GoPro

Forget those geeky selfie pictures where you hold your arms as far away from your torso as they’ll stretch or those  much maligned “selfie-sticks.” Instead, consider investing $29.99 in the ShowOff, a magnetic phone mount and Bluetooth remote control that lets you use your phone to shoot pictures from across the room.

Actually it’s for more than just selfies. The company produced video (below)  and the picture I’ve posted here both imply that its magnetic mounts are strong enough to secure your phone to a motorcycle tank or the outside of your car or truck, which means, in theory, it could be used in place of a GoPro for some typea of action shots. You could also use the mount in a more conventional way, such as attaching the phone to your car’s mirror for a heads-up display when using a navigation app.

The Bluetooth remote allows you take pictures with your phone without actually having to touch it.

I haven’t tested the product nor is it something that would fit into my lifestyle, but I know a lot of people who take really bad selfies who might benefit from it.