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People’s Park Leaflets: Berkeley, 1969

In the spring of 1969 I served on the People’s Park Negotiating Committee. My role was to helped write and print the leaflets. My house on Park Street was where we operated the Gestetner mimeograph machine along with the recently introduced amazing scanner that allowed me to create mimeograph stencils from “camera ready copy that we created with a typewriter and press on letters.

The “negotiating committee” was the student and community group that organized the demonstrations and attempted to negotiate with the University of California about the fate of this 2.8 acre piece of land that the University wanted to turn into a parking lot. For more, see this on Wikipedia.

I kept many of the original camera ready layouts in a file which was lost until my wife Patti cleaned out a storage room this winter. Many of the pages are brittle but — because these are the originals that were used to create the leaflets, they probably have historical value. My plan is to donate them to a museum (looking for the right one).

In the mean time, I just scanned the ones that we’ve unearthed so-far. I believe there are more. Enjoy.

Larry Magid
January 22, 2012

Torch Light Parade




Call for a mass meeting



Back to People's Park

Proclamation of People's Park Annex Commitee

SF Benefit



Calling people to a march to the park

Call for 1969 Berkeley grads to participate in alternative graduation ceremony

Motorcyclists needed "to prevent another mass bust"