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Magid: What’s next? Ads on the inside of our eyelids?

August 6, 2007

Far be it for me to complain about advertising. As a newspaper columnist and broadcaster, it’s what feeds my family. But I must still ask about whether or not advertising is becoming a bit too pervasive in our lives. Forget TV and the Internet for a moment. You can’t go anywhere without seeing ads. Bus stop benches have long displayed them, but now they’re on the sides of buses. [...]

On a Home Network, the Right Drive Means Storage for All – New York Times

August 1, 2007

  It does not take much effort these days to accumulate several hundred gigabytes of data. A few hundred songs, a couple of vacations worth of photos, a dozen movies and television programs and suddenly the 80 gigabyte hard drive in the notebook computer is straining. On a Home Network, the Right Drive Means Storage for All – New York [...]

Printer ink costs how much?

July 31, 2007

Gasoline is expensive but it’s nothing compared to the cost of printer ink. If you do the math, you’ll discover that the liquid ink inside those cartridges you buy for your ink jet printer can cost more than $13,000 a gallon. That’s not a typo. A Hewlett Packard 22 Tricolor Ink Cartridge holds only 5 milliliter of ink – one 757th of a gallon. Multiply that $17.99 price tag by [...]

cFares offers wholesale airline seats

July 25, 2007

Frequent flyer miles are nice, but how about getting those airline tickets wholesale? Often, it can be done, and if has its way, it might be done a good deal more often. The company, which has been selling cheap airline seats since 2005, has just updated its user interface after securing a new round of venture funding. Newly capitalized at about $4.5 million, cFares hopes to disrupt [...]

Online actions have consequences

July 24, 2007

News has recently surfaced about an unpublished government study that suggests that 85 percent of offenders imprisoned for trafficking in online child pornography may have also sexually molested minors. Thursday, the New York Times reported that psychologists from Federal Bureau of Prisons based their findings on interviews with 155 male inmates who were undergoing voluntary treatment. It’s [...]

Look, Ma – No Hard Drive!

July 17, 2007

I’m writing this column on a computer that looks and acts pretty much like most other notebook PCs running Microsoft Windows. It has a typical screen and keyboard, it’s running Microsoft Office and other standard Windows applications and it’s equipped with an Intel processor. But there is one thing missing. The machine I’m using doesn’t have a hard drive. Where the [...]

Open iPhone to Developers

July 16, 2007

More than a year before he announced the iPhone, Steve Jobs told an audience at the Wall Street Journal’s All Things Digital conference, “we’re not very good going through orifices to get to the end users.” By “orifices” Jobs meant cell phone companies. Of course, he ultimately did make an exclusive deal with AT&T to provide both voice and data service for [...]

What Does the World Know about You Online?

July 12, 2007

by Larry Magid A famous cartoon from the New Yorker shows a dog sitting in front of a computer telling another dog, “On the Internet, nobody knows you’re a dog.” But now, thanks to the Internet, everyone knows everything about you. Or at least they might be able to find out. Online reputations are increasingly important in the workplace, in school, and even in social life. [...]
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