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Understanding HDTV

February 1, 2008

Unless you plan to be at the University of Phoenix Stadium on Feb. 3, the only way to see the Super Bowl is on TV, which is why a lot of people are going to be buying big-screen TVs between now and then. Even if you’re not a big football fan, this is a good time to consider getting a flat panel high-definition TV. Prices on screens larger than 40 inches fell nearly 40 percent in 2007, [...]

Fine line between bullying and free speech

January 30, 2008

The case of Megan Meier screams out for justice. But to be truly served, justice must be based on a rationality, not just revenge and emotion. It was disclosed in November that the 14-year-old Missouri girl committed suicide after an adult neighbor – the mother of one of Megan’s friends – allegedly carried out a cruel hoax. That mother, Lori Drew, reportedly set up a fake [...]

Long lens on digital cameras

January 30, 2008

At the risk of oversimplifying things, it seems to me that there are three basic types of digital cameras: little ones, big ones and ones in the middle. By little I of course mean all of those pocket-sized “point and shoot” cameras that are so popular with consumers. Most of these cameras give you great-looking shots at close range. Typically they have a 3x optical zoom and these days [...]

Getting out of Steve Jobs’ Reality Distortion Field

January 21, 2008

I spent part of last week trapped in the “Steve Jobs Reality-Distortion Field.” Well-known among Apple watchers, the phrase was first uttered 26 years ago, according to Andy Hertzfield. On, he credits Bud Tribble, Hertzfield’s manager at Apple at the time, with creating the phrase in 1981 to describe how Jobs can “convince anyone of practically [...]

Affordable color laser printers

January 19, 2008

Until the mid-’90s, if you wanted to print something in color, you had to use an ink jet printer. Laser was for black and white only. Then in 1994, CMS came out with a color laser printer but it was priced at $10,000. Listen to Larry Magid’s interview with Brother spokesman Jeffrey Sandler What a difference a bit more than a decade makes. Today you can get personal color laser [...]

Solid State Drives Shrink Laptops — Lenovo introduces new machines

January 19, 2008

It’s far too early to declare the computer hard drive obsolete. But thanks to the tech industry’s ability to trim the size of flash memory chips, it is now possible to make full-feature laptops that store their data and programs on “solid-state drives,” or SSDs. Traditional hard drives record data on magnetically encoded platters that spin around thousands of revolutions [...]

CES Wrap-up

January 12, 2008

The 2008 Consumer Electronics Show is in the history books and, sadly, I was one of the last to leave the hall after they dimmed the lights as a hint that it was time to leave. I didn’t intend to stay till the last minute – it’s just that my flight from Las Vegas doesn’t leave until late Thursday night. I’m writing this from a Las Vegas coffee shop as I anxiously anticipate my [...]

Chic over Geek at CES

January 10, 2008 Print This Story One of the trends I’m observing at the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show is the industry’s transformation from geek to chic. It appears that lots of companies are taking a page from Apple’s playbook by creating products that look as good (or maybe even better) than they work. At their pre-CES press conferences, executives from both Philips and Samsung emphasized [...]

How to get rid of old gadgets – responsibly

December 24, 2007

This is the season when people get technology gifts, but it’s also the time of year when we get rid of our old gadgets. We might want to get that end-of-the-year tax write off by donating products to a worthy charity, or maybe we just want to clear out our closets to make room for the new stuff. Whichever the case, you shouldn’t throw your old technology products into the trash. I [...]
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