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New features in Apple’s just-released iOS 10.3

CNET has done a good job summarizing the five best features in Apple’s new 10.3 version of iOS. It’s a major but interim upgrade to the iPhone and iPad operating system that’s due to get a more major overhaul in June.

Caution: Always backup your phone before any upgrade, allow plenty of time for the upgrade and know that there can be risks associated with being among the first to apply a new update.

Five must-try features include:

  1. Find my Aipods which causes those tiny little Airpod earbuds to make a sound so you can find them. It also shows you when they were last disconnected from the phone’s Bluetooth, which very well may be where you left them
  2. Apple ID Profile, which helps you more easily locate information about your profile, including your iCloud iTunes, App Store and family sharing accounts.
  3. iCloud storage breakdown which shows you how you’re using the storage you may be paying for
  4. Weather in Maps that shows the microclimate of an exact location. A must for anyone moving around San Francisco
  5. App compatibility status that shows you if any of your apps may be out-of-date or not fully compatible with your device

Other features

  • WiFi calling from iCloud devices for Verizon customers. This includes being able to make WiFi calls from your Mac, iPad and iPod Touch in addition to your phone.
  • Updated the Podcast app
  • A suggestion on your profile to turn on two-factor authentication

Forbes has more details on these and other enhancement.

According to Business Insider, the new OS also includes

  • Siri letting you book a ride share
  • Improvements to Carplay
  • The ability to watch iTunes video rentals from any of your Apple devices