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Making and using passwords that pass the security test

The recent break-in of Sony’s PlayStation Network underscores the need not only to have strong passwords but not to use the same password on each site you visit.

Below are links to some resources and advice, but here are a couple of quick tips:

Create phrases that you can remember and use the initials of each word in your passwords. Make sure to include numbers, upper and lower case letters and symbols. For example, I graduated from Lincoln High School in 1985 could be “IgfLHSi#85. Then you can vary that password for each site with something you’ll be to remember. For example if the branch of your bank is on Hamilton Street, add an H for your bank’s password.

There are also tools such as LastPass and RoboForm that you can use to automatically enter passwords. These tools will even generate strong passwords for you but you must remember the password that you assign to these tools.


Article from CNET News on How to make strong, easy-to-remember passwords.

Password tips from

LastPass password management service

RoboForm password management service

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