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Live Blogging Apple’s WWDC Event


Steve Jobs opened it up but turned it over immediately to VP Phil Schiller who is talking about Mac and the new Lion operating system.

Lion is a major release with more than 250 new features.  Will tell us about 10.

1. Multi-touch gestures.  Scroll bars can disappear when you don’t need them.  Multi-touch built into the system.  You can swipe between all your Safari browsing history.

2. Standard method for developers to create full screen apps. A simple swipe gesture goes back to desktop.  More than one full screen app at a time. Easy to swipe back and forth between full screen and desktop.

3. Mission control.  App your apps and docs in bird’s eye view. Multiple desktops. You see large thumb nails at top of screen to represent each desktop.

4. The Mac App Store:  It was launched in January. In the last 6 the Mac app store has become the #1 PC software channel. It’s now built-in to Lion and there will be in-app purchases and instant updates.

5. Launchpad: A simple gesture brings up a full screen view of your apps which look just like the iPad interface.

6. Resume: When you launch an App it takes you right back to the way it was when you quite.  It works system wide.  Apple thinks this is a good thing. One reason I close apps is to get rid of all the junk on the screen.

#7: Autosave. Saves as you work.

# 8: Versions  Autosave saves your document along with all the versions as you’re working. Only stores difference between docs. When you share it, we only send the current version. There is a “browse all version” option that lets you copy between versions.

#9: AirDrop.  Allows you to share docs between users and computers. A peer to peer Wi-Fi based network.  When you launch it you see yourself and people around you who are also running AirDrop.

Other features include a Windows migration tool. Ability to resize from any edge.

#10: Mail.  Completely new version.  Full screen, 2-column or 3-column view.Now has conversation mode like Gmail (hope you ca turn it off).  New search prompts for people in his mail.  Looks a bit like Gmail.

Will be available only from App store for $29. It’s going to be available in July.


Scott Forstall said that they have sold over 200 million iOS devices. Have sold >25 million iPad in first 14 months. Have sold >15 billion songs in iTunes music stores  Have downloaded >130 million books. More than 425 iPhone apps and 90,000 made specifically for iPad.

Apple has paid out over $2.5 billion to app store developers.  I presume that’s AFTER Apple’s 30% commission.

1,500 new API’s for developers including improvements to notifications.

Apple is putting notifications up on top so they are easy to access but won’t interrupt you.  USA Today’s Ed Baig (who is sitting next to me) points out that Apple is copying Android.

Integrating Twitter throughout IOS 5.


Creating a “reading list” for stories you want to read later. It syncs with Safari on other devices. Also added tab browsing on all IOS devices.  Much faster to switch between windows.  Multi-page web stories are rolled up into Safari “reader” so you don’t have to keep tapping next.  You can bookmark it to add to Reading List to finish on another Safari device.  You can also tap Tweet to tweet about it.

Reminders app lets you set up a geo-fence.  “Remind me to call my wife when I leave Moscone Center,” so it will remind you when you leave. Can synch with iCal and others via exchange.

iPhone 4 is almost the most popular camera on Flickr.

New camera icon on lock screen to make it quicker to take a photo. Can now use volume up button to take pictures to great applause.

Newsstand to read periodicals on devices

PC Free

You no longer need a PC to setup or activate an IOS device. Software updates will be over the air. You can cut the cord

Game Center

iOS is the nost popular gaming platform on the planet Launched game center 9 months ago, adding social features including photos Jobs: “Some people think the cloud is just a hard disk in the sky.  We think it’s way more than that. ”  Completely integrated into your apps. Nothing new to learn “It just all Works.”

You might ask “why should I believe them, they’re the ones that brought me MobileMe.  It wasn’t out finest act.”

Message Center:

Pushes messages between iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.  Delivery receipts, read receipts and typing indication — like gChat

Wi-Fi sync to iTunes. ioS device will automatically find Wi-Fi and synch


PC used to be the center of your digital life but that’s a broken model. Demoting PC and Mac to being a device like an iPad.  Moving the center of your digital device to the cloud.

Contacts app from mobileme is now an iCloud App

Added calendar sharing Add a new calendar item and it’s pushed to cloud and pushed to wife’s iPhone.

Mail account at All messages pushed to all your devices, no adds.

MobilMe is dead It’s now iCloud Apps and it’s all free.

Documents in the cloud.  If you’re on iPad and create pages document, it automatically uploads and stores to cloud and pushes to all devices with Pages. Jobs says this completes our iOS document strategy.  We’e been working for 10 years to get rid of the file system.  We’ve made it on the iOS devices so you don’t have to think about it.  The app manages docs for you.  We hadn’t figured out how to move those docs around but iCloud takes care of that.

Apple releases iCloud Storage APIs so developers can build into 3rd party apps. Works with iOS devices, Macs and PCs.

iCloud Photo Streaming.  Pictures automatically uploaded to the cloud and downloaded to all devices including Mac iPhoto, Windows photo folder and “even Apple TV.”

Will store last 1,000 photos on iOS devices and all photos on Mac and PC. 30 days storage on server which is enough for the devices to download them.

iTunes in the Cloud

Any song you buy on any iOS device can be downloaded to other devices.  A new purchased tab on iTunes.  You see everything you’ve ever bought and can re-download it at no extra cost. When you buy a new song, the new iOS 5 music player lets you preview song and download immediately to all your devices.

All 9 iCloud apps are free. “A competitor that doesn’t own the apps or make devices for the apps can’t do this.”

Everyone gets iTunes for Cloud today. Developers get all apps today.

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