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Larry’s reports from CES 2018


Toyota’s e-Pallete Store On Wheels Plus Ride Sharing (from Forbes)

What to expect from CES 2018 (preview)


Radio segment: Click above to hear about voice everywhere at CES (50 seconds including interview with CTA President Gary Shapiro)

Click above to hear about Lenovo Smart Display

Podcasts from Showstoppers at CES

Titan Platform’s Frank Trevino shows Larry the company’s cute little Google powered AI speaker that senses your mood, smiles at you and dances around — among other things

ALex Santos of Fortress talks about how his company protects consumers’ Internet of Things devices with “commercial grade security.”

Whirlpool’s Poncho Eddie talks about his company’s Yummly app that suggests what to cook based on what you on hand as well some of Whirlpool’s smart kitchen appliances

Jeffrey Ray talks about Omrons new smart watch that takes blood pressure. It will be available later this year after it gets approved by the FDA as a medical device. It’s expected to sell for below $400.

Laurent le Pen o the Omate smart watch with a big red button to alert a call center in case of an emergency

HP’s Mike Nash on the new PCs HP introduced at CES

Larry speaks with Hennary Zhwong from Gamesir on a game controller for smartphones

Bob Stroher from Canary talks about their latest security camera

Bryan Mitchell talks to Larry about Carrier’s ductless air conditioner that you control with an app

Learn about a pair of small stereo Bluetooth speakers for $39. Very portable