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My BBC Interview on Business Implications of HP CEO Resignation + Jodie Fisher’s Demo Reel

Hewlett Packard CEO Mark Hurd was forced to resign on Friday after an internal investigation at HP revealed that he had allegedly filed false expense reports for meals and travel and authorized payments to a woman, 50 year old part time actress Jodie Fisher, that were not legitimate business expenses.

On Sunday Larry Magid spoke to the BBC World Service’s Russel Padmore to provide some perspective on Hurd’s tenure at HP and the company’s future without Hurd.

I fully admit that my BBC radio interview might not be quite as entertaining as Jodie Fisher’s demo reel but I like to think that it’s a bit more enlightening on the business implications of Hurd’s resignation.

Larry on BBC World Service World Business News with Russell Padmore

(full program: HP Segment begins 40 seconds in)

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