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Larry Magid’s Disclosures

As a technology journalist I strive to be accurate and fair in all of my writings and broadcasts.  As commentator/reviewer/columnist, I am allowed to express opinions and do so on a regular basis.

As I disclose whenever appropriate and possible (sometimes I can’t on short broadcasts), I serve as co-director of, a non-profit Internet safety organization that receives financial support from several Internet and technology comanies including Facebook, Google and Yahoo among others (click here for list of supporters). I do sometimes write or talk about these companies but  I strive not to let their support for ConnectSafely color what I write or say. Still, by disclosing, you can judge for yourself.

I don’t directly own shares in any companies I write about although I do have mutual funds which might own shares in some (I don’t pay attention).  Also, I don’t accept gifts of substantial value, travel reimbursement or any other compensation for companies I write about with the possible exception of companies that support ConnectSafely.

If you have any questions, please contact me.