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Keeping your smartphone battery alive

I have an Android phone and it’s not uncommon for my battery to be dead by the end of the day.  A few things I’ve learned include:

  • Only run apps if you really need them and kill apps that you’re not using (for Android I recommend Advanced Task Killer). Limit your use of email, text messaging and web surfing. I know these are great features and I use them all the time, but not when my battery is low.
  • Make sure all unneeded “radios” are turned off. This includes Bluetooth, WiFi and GPS.  Some phones can create their own WiFi hotspot, but that’s a battery killer so try not to use it unless you’re plugged in. Also 4G burns up batteries very quickly so turn it off unless you’re plugged in.
  • Some phones support an extra capacity battery. They typically cost about $50 and they make the phone thicker and heavier but — for me — it’s worth it.
  • Consider carrying an external battery such as the $50 Enercell that keep your phone running.


charge For more tips, check out 10 Ways to Boot Your Smartphone’s Battery over at PCWorld and Battery Life Tips at Huffington Post.

*Thanks to Bob Frankston for the tip on an external battery





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