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iPad 2 Losing Wi-Fi connections

ReadWriteWeb is reporting that a similar Wi-Fi  bug that affected early iPad users is now affecting the iPad 2.  Users are getting weak signals or being dropped completely. The problem apparently is also affecting some iPhone, iPod Touch and the original iPad.

Occurred after upgrade

The site reports that the problem occurs after upgrading to iOS version 4.3.3. “After updating my iPad to iOS version 4.3.3, I discovered this problem had again resurfaced, but it was even worse than before. My connection wouldn’t just drop after the iPad went to sleep, as it had in the past, it would lose the connection when I was actively using the device, even while surfing the Web,” wrote ReadWriteWeb’s Sara Perez.   She said that reports on Apple’s offical online support forum including complaints such as W-Fi disconnecting and reconnecting on its own, difficulty using Wi-Fi except in close proximity to the router and “Wi-Fi shows signal, but device can’t connect to the Internet.”


Perez says that “A temporary workaround is to switch off the Wi-Fi connection, then turn it back on.”

Mac too?

I haven’t read anything about this but I’m having similar problems with my MacBook Air. It works most of the time but sometimes it drops the signal in my house in the same location that my Windows laptop is getting a strong signal. If I get closer to my router, all is well. Or if I wait awhile, the signal returns. I’m not sure there is any connection between this and the iOS problem nor do I know how widespread the Mac problem may be, but I am experiencing it.


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