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House Paves The Way for Student STEM App Competition

Taking a short break from highly partisan debate over sequestration, The U.S. House of Representatives today passed the Academic Competition Resolution of 2013 which will enable Congress members to sponsor an annual academic competition in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) in their district, including the developmet of student generated apps.

The bill, said Internet Education Foundation director Tim Lordan, was decidly bi-partisan “One after another Members from both sides of the aisle rose in support of the STEM education Resolution during a break in the sequester debate.”

Co-sponsor Anne Eshoo (D-CA) said, “Building on the success of the Congressional Arts Competition, which for more than 30 years has recognized and encouraged artistic talent among our nation’s youth, an apps competition will foster interest in STEM education, which is just what our country needs to prepare for the future.”

Details have yet to be worked out. Lordan said that it would definitely be open to high school students but there will be meetings over the next few weeks to determine whether college students will also be eligible.

The  Committee on House Administration is responsible for working out details.

For more, listen to my 6 minute interview with co-sponsor, Congresswoman Anna Eshoo

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