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Flying car approved for road use

It’s been a long time since I’ve been an active pilot but if there was ever a product that would get me back behind the stick, the Terrafugia Transition has to be it.  Of course, it’s not yet ready for a road or skyway near you and when it is, it will set you back $250,000.  But don’t think about the price as you watch this very cool company provided video.

After viewing the video, scroll down for more on the history of flying cars.

Earlier flying cars

The Terrafugia isn’t the first flying car.  An early 60s CBS TV show, the Bob Cummings Show featured an Aerocar that had its maiden flight in 1949. There is more on the history of flying cars on Wikipedia, and after a bit of a YouTube search, I found this interesting video from the fifties.

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