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Ditto: Good vibrations to alert you to calls or messages



My wife has a tendency to keep her phone in her backpack and when it rings, she sometimes doesn’t hear it and she can never feel it vibrate because it’s not directly on her person. So, she often misses incoming calls, which annoys me when I’m the one calling.

Now when her phone rings or she gets a text message or an email, she’ll know right away if she’s wearing the Ditto, a small device that you can clip onto your clothing, put in your pocket or wear on a supplied wrist band.

Being alerted to incoming calls and messages is one of the most valuable features of many smart watches but most watches cost a lot more than the $39.95, price of the Ditto and most also have to be recharged daily or at least weekly. But, aside from being affordable, the Ditto runs for months on a coin battery. It’s not fancy but, its an affordable and is a simple solution to a simple but very common problem.

Click below to listen to Larry’s 1-minute CBS News segment about Ditto.