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Commodore 64 Makes a Comeback

New Commodore Amigo (Credit: Commodore USA)

The Commodore 64 (Wikipedia article) was a major hit when it was first introduced in 1982.   In an interview with CBS News, Barry Altman, CEO of the new Commodore USA “the Commodore computer was the first of the type called all in one. The entire computer was based inside the chassis of the keyboard and that computer turns out to be the most popular, most sold units of any kind of computer of all time.” Altman said that “30 million units of that Commodore C64 were sold representing over $18 billion in sales.”

The company went out of business in the ninetines.  The new company is coming out with a line of 3 computers all with that all-in-one confirguration.  Users provide their own monitor.

Altman said that he is bringing back the name because “the  name Commodore and the Commodore Computer was the most popular computer of all times “even though a product has not been introduced in the last almost 20 years the name itself has brand recognition that parallels and rivals the greatest in the industry.” He said that Commodore has an 87% ranking.

Models of the new Commodore 64-bit include the Phoenix and the Amigo. Prices start at $495 for the “bare bones” model version that comes with Ubunto Linux. Windows 7 models start at $695.

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