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New deals make cord cutting more attractive

April 6, 2017

I’m not about to predict the imminent demise of cable TV and satellite services, but a couple of recent announcements are sure putting pressure on them by making it easier and, in some cases, more affordable to cut the cord. AT&T just announced that it’s including free HBO with its highest tiered unlimited data plan while Amazon said that it will start streaming NFL games to customers who [...]

Facebook uses technology and people to thwart ‘revenge porn’

April 5, 2017

Revenge porn, when someone shares an intimate image of another person without his or her permission, is an awful practice, which often causes significant emotional distress.  And that’s true even if the image was taken with the consent of the person but shared without permission. In a blog post, Facebook’s Global Head of Safety, Antigone Davis, cited a data that “93% report [...]

New HP Laptops for Business and Pleasure

April 4, 2017

At first glance, both of HP’s two new convertible laptops look a bit like the Spectre X360 convertible laptop that I wrote about when it came out last fall. But glances can be slightly deceiving Continue reading at [...]

How to use cash at Amazon

April 3, 2017

Amazon is now accepting cash. No you don’t scan the cash with your phone’s camera. Instead you print or download a code that you take to a retailer who will scan it. You then hand over the cash and it’s added to your Amazon account. You can get that bar code here.  See the graphic be;pw  for the current list of retailers, including the CVS, the national pharmacy [...]

Podcast: NAMLE’s Michelle Ciulla Lipkin on media literacy as antidote to ‘fake news’

April 2, 2017

Fake news is in the news but it’s more a symptom of a common tendency to believe things that aren’t necessarily 100% true. And, as Michelle Ciulla Lipkin, executive director of the National Association of Media Literacy Education told Larry Magid, it’s not always black and white.  Still, many people aren’t fully aware of how to vet the news and information before them and can be prone to [...]

Amazon Fresh Pickup to deliver groceries to car in 15 minutes

March 28, 2017

Amazon, the online e-tailing giant, is now aiming for in-car grocery deliveries. As the company’s promotional video demonstrates, the service — which is being tested in the Seattle area — will let you order groceries from your phone and have them packed into your car “in as little as 15 minutes.” The service is currently only open to Amazon employees, but, says the [...]

New features in Apple’s just-released iOS 10.3

March 27, 2017

CNET has done a good job summarizing the five best features in Apple’s new 10.3 version of iOS. It’s a major but interim upgrade to the iPhone and iPad operating system that’s due to get a more major overhaul in June. Caution: Always backup your phone before any upgrade, allow plenty of time for the upgrade and know that there can be risks associated with being among the first [...]

Silicon Valley’s gender and ethnic gap

March 24, 2017

A couple of recent press stories about diversity caught my eye this week. First the good news. Google and Howard University are doing something about getting more African Americans into the tech world. Howard University and Google announced a plan to launch Howard West, a three-month, summer Computer Science residency for rising juniors and seniors in the University’s Computer Science program. [...]

Most Android devices are not up-to-date on security fixes

March 23, 2017

Skycure report shows slow application of security patches on Android A report from Skycure found that “71% of all Android users on the five major US carriers are running security patches that are at least 2 months old.” The report found that “Growth in malware and network incidents was substantial, but the majority of these malicious exploits depends on vulnerabilities in the [...]
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