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Look, Ma – No Hard Drive!

July 17, 2007

I’m writing this column on a computer that looks and acts pretty much like most other notebook PCs running Microsoft Windows. It has a typical screen and keyboard, it’s running Microsoft Office and other standard Windows applications and it’s equipped with an Intel processor. But there is one thing missing. The machine I’m using doesn’t have a hard drive. Where the [...]

Open iPhone to Developers

July 16, 2007

More than a year before he announced the iPhone, Steve Jobs told an audience at the Wall Street Journal’s All Things Digital conference, “we’re not very good going through orifices to get to the end users.” By “orifices” Jobs meant cell phone companies. Of course, he ultimately did make an exclusive deal with AT&T to provide both voice and data service for [...]

What Does the World Know about You Online?

July 12, 2007

by Larry Magid A famous cartoon from the New Yorker shows a dog sitting in front of a computer telling another dog, “On the Internet, nobody knows you’re a dog.” But now, thanks to the Internet, everyone knows everything about you. Or at least they might be able to find out. Online reputations are increasingly important in the workplace, in school, and even in social life. [...]

Nikon WiFi Camera Uploads photos automatically

July 9, 2007

My daughter Katherine recently returned from teaching English in Spain for a few months. About two months into her trip, her digital camera was stolen. She replaced the camera, but she can never replace the couple of hundred photos she had stored on her camera’s two gigabyte memory card. Her intention was to copy them to her PC as soon as she returned home but, sadly, that never happened. [...]

Dear Mr. Jobs (About That iPhone…)

July 3, 2007

Dear Mr. Jobs (About That iPhone…) PALO ALTO, Calif., July 3, 2007 Dear Steve,Thanks for letting me try out one of your new iPhones. Not only has it been fun to play with but having it over the weekend sure made me the center of attention. Were I young and single, I have no doubt the iPhone would have gotten me a date or two. I feel sorry for all those people who waited in line and spent [...]

First Look at iPhone

June 30, 2007

This post first appeared on by Larry Magid With the exception of four anointed reviewers from the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today and Newsweek, as far as I know no journalists were able to get their hands on the Apple iPhone until the day it was released to the public, Friday at 6:00 PM local time. I got my loaner phone at exactly 6:00 PM west coast time about two [...]

Larry Magid Reports On T-Mobile’s Hybrid WiFi-Cellular Phone

June 27, 2007

For the past several days I’ve been testing a very innovative new cell phone. It uses WiFi along with a regular GSM cellular network, it has a camera and you can use it to browse the web. No. It’s not the Apple iPhone. It’s one of T-Mobile’s new “Hotspot at Home” phones that’s designed to make calls either through T-Mobile’s GSM cellular network or [...]

New Plaxo puts extra power in data syncing

June 25, 2007

Plaxo has a somewhat controversial past, but based on my experience with its 3.0 version launched today, it deserves a terrific future. The original service, which was launched in 2003, was designed to help people keep up with contact information by sending e-mail to friends asking them to update their profiles on Plaxo’s servers so that you would always know their up-to-date phone number, [...]

Entrepreneurs Betting On

June 22, 2007

June 21, 2007 As anyone who’s ever raised a child can testify, parents sometimes need a bit of help and advice. After all, kids don’t come with a user manual.A new website launched Wednesday – with advertising and a big boost from venture capital – is designed to provide a bit of help and support. is an editorial site with over 4,000 reference articles about [...]
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