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SoonR helps link your cell to computer

December 25, 2006

by Larry Magid Special to the Mercury News December 25, 2006 As I’ve said in the past, cell phones are evolving into pocket-size computers. But now, thanks to a free service from Campbell-based SoonR, you can use any Web-enabled cell phone to access data and some applications that are running on your regular-size PC or Mac. SoonR, which you can access at, allows you to use [...]

How Much Is That Cell Phone?

December 19, 2006

by Larry Magid Dec. 19, 2006 Cell phones are popular holiday gifts but before you buy a friend or family member the latest cool phone, think about what your cell phone gift can give (i.e., what can it do?) and what it can take away (how much will it cost to own and use).Carriers can give you a subsidy if you bundle the phone with service or extend your (or your recipient’s) contract, [...]

Navigating The HDTV Jungle

November 28, 2006

by Larry Magid Nov. 28, 2006 As prices for high definition television finally begin to descend from the stratosphere, the question for many people this year – rather than whether to buy one – is which one to buy.That’s not an easy question to answer because, along with many brands, there are many types of high-def technology from which to choose. There are high-def versions of [...]

Fusion lets user share digital world

November 27, 2006

By Larry Magid Special to the Mercury News November 27, 2006 If you work for a big company, chances are there is a computer server somewhere that lets you share files with colleagues and, perhaps, gives you remote access through a virtual private network. With Maxtor Solutions’ Fusion ( you can do the same for your home network. Fusion is a network storage device, [...]

No computer? Device just prints e-mails

October 18, 2006

PUTS MESSAGES ON STATIONERY By Larry Magid Special to the Mercury News October 18, 2006 Everyone in my wife’s extended family uses e-mail to keep in touch except my mother-in-law Lucy. Like many fellow octogenarians, Lucy hasn’t gotten around to buying a computer and getting online. But, thanks to Hewlett-Packard and Presto Services, she’s now receiving e-mail from family [...]
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