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Starbucks CEO on Apple Deal

September 10, 2007

Almost overshadowed by the reaction to Apple’s iPhone price cuts and its new iPods was the news that Apple and Starbucks reached a deal where anyone will be able to use iTunes at Starbucks without having to pay Wifi fees. This will work with Macs, PCs and the WiFi equipped iPod touch and iPhone. Users will be able to purchase songs being played at the local Starbucks and see the last 10 [...]

I want an iBerry — Blackberry + iPod Touch

September 10, 2007

Despite all the complaints from early buyers, Apple’s decision to lower the price of the iPhone from $599 to $399 strikes me as a smart move now that they’re starting to run out of early adapters willing to pay an enormous premium to own the coolest phone on the planet. Besides, that cool factor already started to wane once it became obvious that there is an ample supply of iPhones. [...]

iPhone price reduction & interview with Apple VP Phil Schiller

September 8, 2007

On Wednesday, September 5, Steve Jobs announced several new iPods and made the stunning announcement that he was lowering the price of the 8GB iPhone from $599 to $399. This may be good news for potential iPhone buyers but it was a punch in the stomach for some early adopters who felt Apple was punishing them for having been loyal early buyers. After a day of online protests, Steve Jobs said he [...]

Apple to give $100 credit to early iPhone buyers

September 6, 2007

I was sitting in the room yesterday when Steve Jobs announced that he was discontinuing the 4 gigabyte iPhone and dropping the price of the 8 GB model from $599 to $399.  Many in the room broke out in applause but it’s important to point out that besides press – who generally don’t applaud during press conferences – the rest of the audience were Apple employees, Apple enthusiasts and [...]

Is technology making life more complicated?

September 3, 2007

I’m not exactly sure who “they” are but I seem to remember that they told us technology would make our lives easier and more efficient. I’m not so sure. Let’s start with our TVs. I’m old enough to remember when TV had two dials – a volume control and a channel changer that let you go from channel 2 to 13. The high-definition TV in my living room is [...]

Cold Turkey in Mexico

August 29, 2007

A poll conducted in June by the Associated Press found that 20% of people brought a laptop computer with them on their most recent vacation and that 80% brought a cell phone. Had I been part of that survey, I, too, would have confessed that I had both a laptop and a cell phone not just on my most recent trip but on every trip I’ve taken during the past 20 years. Sometimes, for backup, I [...]

Storing data in the cloud

August 26, 2007

There is something to be said for having data “in the cloud.” By “cloud,” I don’t mean those white pillowy things in the sky — I mean on a server somewhere, accessible via the Internet. Data in the cloud is data that you can get your hands on whenever and wherever you have an Internet connection. It’s the difference between having your address book, calendar [...]

Free music

August 13, 2007

I’m in the awkward position of writing a column today that kind of contradicts the one I wrote last week. As you may recall, I railed against the pervasiveness of advertising in our society, complaining that you can’t go anywhere without being bombarded with ads. Of course, I also admitted that my livelihood as a broadcaster and newspaper columnist depends on ads, so I obviously [...]

Palo Alto’s new website: too much cash for mostly flash

August 12, 2007

The city of Palo Alto’s new Web site is very attractive, especially when you land on a page with one of its impressive looking photographs. But there is more to creating a Web site than just eye candy. It should be practical and user friendly and it shouldn’t cost a great deal to build and maintain. One of my concerns about Palo Alto’s new site is the choice of typeface and [...]

Larry interviews Guy Kawasaki

August 9, 2007

He’s funny, articulate and generally regarded as a visionary. In this interview Guy Kawasaki talks about his latest venture,, but not until he tells us why “life is good” for anyone wanting to venture out on the net. Whether you watch this for the advice or the humor, you won’t be disappointed spending a few minutes with Larry and Guy. In addition to Truemors, Guy is managing [...]
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