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Report of ‘vaccine’ for latest global malware attack

June 28, 2017

The BBC has posted an article saying that "the creation of a single file can stop the attack from infecting a machine." It recommends, "creating a read-only file - named perfc - and placing it within a computer's "C:\Windows" folder, the attack will be stopped in its tracks. Read the full story on the BBC website [...]

How to control who can see your location on Snapchat

June 23, 2017

Snapchat has just released its new Snap Map feature that can share your location with Snapchat friends via a map. The feature is off by default so, if you want to share you location, you have to opt-in. Also, it only shares your location with people you’ve friended on Snapchat. Your location isn’t public (though anyone who knows your location could share it with others). More… [...]

Using virtual reality to combat pain

June 15, 2017

  Click for Larry’s podcast with Drs. Bullock and Won This post first appeared in the San Jose Mercury News When I think of virtual reality, I think of playing games or being immersed in a 360 degree video experience where the action takes place all around me. But when Kim Bullock and Andrea Stevenson Won talk about VR, they have something else in mind — helping patients cope with [...]
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