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ABC’s Inside Look at Foxconn: Where Apple’s iPhones and iPads are Made

ABC News’ Nightline got to film inside a Foxconn factory in Shenzen, China where Apple’s iPads, iPhones and iPods are made. After many requests by many media companies, the TV network was finally allowed in.  The report, which you can watch below, is far from damning, but it’s hard to know whether the crew was given full and unfettered access to typical conditions.

Factory worker wants us to know …

My favorite line — at the very end — is when anchor  Bill Weir asked  a factory worker (who had never seen a working iPad) “what do you want the people who end of buying this to know about you.” She said, “I want them to know me. I want to know we put a lot of effort into this product and, when they use it, please use it with care.”

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